D.O.C. Nero d’Avola


Grape varieties Nero d’Avola in purity
Production area C.da Biviere and C.da Fegotto di Sotto, Chiaramonte Gul, Sicily, Italy.
Altitude 290 metres a.s.l.
Type of soil prevalence of Mediterranean red sands with limestone and clays.
Type of cultivation Low trained on wires system, spur pruned cordon
Plant density vines / ha 4,000
Rendering per hectare 6500 Kg
Climate Mediterranean with hot, dry, windy summers with a good diurnal temperature variation and mild winters
Ripening and harvesting October, manual harvesting
Aging 9 months aging in the bottle
Refing 6 months aging in the bottle
Organoleptic properties colour intense cherry red colour
Aroma dried red fruit, spicy (liquorice), mineral character (graphite)
Taste with good tannins, full-bodied, well balanced and fruity
Alcohol content 14%
Temperature of service 16 – 18 °C

It pairs with appetizers, mature cheese, Ragusano DOP cheese, cold meats, red and white meats, pig. Nero D’Avola red grapes , also called “Calabrese”, are a very old Sicilian grape variety. It has always been grown on hillsides of the Hyblaean Mountains in the province of Ragusa. The second name attributed to it, that is to say “Calabrese”, is nothing but an Italianization of a word in Sicilian dialect, “Calaurisi”, which is composed of two words, “cala” (a Sicilian word to refer to grapes) and “aurisi” (a Sicilian word which stands for the Italian “Avolese” and it means “from Avola”).



Box with 6 Bottles of D.O.C. Nero d’Avola

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