D.O.C. Frappato


Grape varieties Frappato in purity
Production area C.da Fegotto di Sotto, Chiaramonte Gulfi , Sicily, Italy.
Altitude 280 metres a.s.l.
Type of soil prevalence of Mediterranean red sands with limestone and clays
Type of cultivation Low trained on wires system, spur pruned cordon
Plant density vines / ha 4,000
Rendering per hectare 6000 Kg
Climate Mediterranean with hot, dry, windy summers with a good diurnal temperature variation and mild winters
Ripening and harvesting early days of September, manual harvesting
Aging 9 months in stainless steel tanks
Refing 3 months aging in the bottle
Organoleptic properties colour colour bright garnet cherry red colour
Aroma dried red fruit, spicy (liquorice), mineral character (graphite) Taste with good tannins, gratifying crispness, full-bodied, well-balanced, dry and fruity
Alcohol content 13%
Temperature of service 14 – 15 °C



Box with 6 Bottles of D.O.C. Frappato

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